Maya Cruz

Maya Cruz is a rising star in the world of R&B and soul music. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Maya grew up surrounded by the sounds of Motown and classic soul, which she cites as major influences on her music. Maya began singing at a young age, performing in talent shows and local gigs. Her big break came when she was discovered by a talent scout while singing at a local open mic night. Soon after, she signed with a record label and began working on her debut album. Her debut album, "Soul Searching," showcases Maya's powerful and soulful voice, as well as her skills as a songwriter. The album's lead single, "Midnight Train," received widespread airplay on urban radio stations and helped to establish Maya as a rising star in the R&B scene. In addition to her music career, Maya is also an advocate for social justice and has used her platform to speak out on issues such as police brutality and racial inequality. She has been involved in various social justice campaigns and has used her music as a means of expressing her message.

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